Business Plan

Heartly welcome to ZX Marketing Business Pvt. Ltd. Here has bought a beautiful opportunity where both the health and wealth of you and your family can be protected. With the help of ZX Marketing Business Pvt. Ltd. You can look after you and your family‘s health. Apart from that you can make a new source of income. Let’s begin how you can utilize ZX Marketing Business Pvt. Ltd As a source of income. Initially, you have to fill up a form that you can get from the company and you should have a direct selling agreement with the enterprise .Now, you can buy and sell any product of the enterprise and add financial support to the company . Along with this, you can get Sale Commission as well. And now whenever you buy any product, you will have an offer to save upto 10% Profit. Based on this you will be adding more sales point volume (PV) which will be related to sale Commission. The first 1PV will be considered as Sale Point Volume and after 1PV will be the Business Volume (BV). When you buy 1PV, then you will be able to receive different ranges of sales commission.

  • Direct sales Sponsor Commission
  • Sales Commission
  • Sales Promotion Commission
  • Sales Leadership Bonus
  • Award and reward
  • Sales Repurchase Bonus
  • Sales Royalty Bonus

Whenever you sponsor a direct ID then you are eligible for direct sale commission depended on the turnover of company which will be calculated on the basis of 23% of total nos of direct sponsor in the company. Maximum limit of sale sponsor commission is 6500RS. Within no time limit.


Direct Sponsor Income

Company Monthly PV Turnover %


Closing & Payout

1 2 Direct Sponsor 23% Life Time Monthly

Calculation of company turnover:

Company Monthly PV Turnover 23% = Value of Per person
Total Nos of 2 Direct Sponsor

If any of the group A and group B (Sponsored groups By you) have made a sale of 1PV and 2PV respectively, then you will be receiving a commission of RS200. Now, after receiving the first 200RS .You will be able to receive 200RS for every sale of 1PV that from each group A and group B. In this way, you will be able to receive RS 3000. If there will be a fifteen multiple of 1PV from each group A and group B.

S.NO Stage ORG 1st ORG 2nd Commission Closing
1 First Stage 1 PV 2 PV 300 Rs Per Day
2 Next 1 PV 1 PV 300 Rs

When you receive the first sales commission, then you will be able to get the next sales commission from the procedure mentioned here. Now, whenever there is any sales commission from your sponsored team. Then you will be having a profit up to 10% of the sales Promotion Commission. For instance, you sales sponsored has earned a sales commission of RS3000 then you will be having a profit of RS300 as Sales Promotion Commission. Similarly, if your sponsored team has earned RS2000 worth Sales Commission, then you will be able to earn RS200 worth Sales Promotion Commission .Above mention two commission will be earned based on the Point Volume (PV) .

Whenever you’re down line from both Group A and Group B completed the following target then. They are eligible for following leader ship Bonus.



ORG First

ORG Others


Month Performance Bonus


1 Direct Seller 7 PV 9 PV 2100 - -
2 Senior Direct Seller 25 PV 28 PV 4500 - -
3 Sale Associate Supervisor 93 PV 97 PV 18000 - -
4 Sale Supervisor 305 PV 323 PV 51000 - -
5 Senior Sale Supervisor 991 PV 1049 PV 211000 1% 12 Month
6 Assistant Sale Inspector 2973 PV 3147 PV 485000 1% 36 Month
7 Sales Inspector Director 8175 PV 8624 PV 1678400 1% Life Time
“No Time Limit For Leadership Bonus”



ORG Right

ORG Left


1 Direct Seller 10 PV 10 PV 2500
2 Senior Direct Seller 25 PV 25 PV 6100
3 Sales Associate Supervisor 75 PV 75 PV 18000
4 Sales Supervisor 225 PV 225 PV 51000
5 Senior Sales Supervisor 550 PV 550 PV 125000
6 Assistant Sales Inspector 1100 PV 1100 PV 271000
7 Sales Inspector 2500 PV 2500 PV 611000
8 Sales Manager 7000 PV 7000 PV 1500000
9 Chief Sales Manager 18000 PV 18000 PV 4100000
10 Sale Director 41000 PV 41000 PV 10251000
Total 16935600
“No Time Limit for Reward”

When you and your team purchase our Product from Repurchase wallet . Then they are Eligible for following Repurchase Bonus.



ORG Right

ORG Left


Performance Bonus

1 Direct Seller 100 BV 1000 BV 11% -
2 Senior Direct Seller 1001 BV 7500 BV 15% -
3 Sale Associate Supervisor 7501 BV 21500 BV 18% -
4 Sales Supervisor 21501 BV 55000 BV 22% 3%
5 Senior Sales Supervisor 55001 BV 125000 BV 25% 2%
6 Assistant Sale Inspector 125001 BV 325000 BV 29% 1.5%
7 Sales Inspector 325001 BV 1000000 BV 34% 0.75%
8 Sale Director 1000001 & Above BV 40% 0.75%

Star Royalty 8%

Gold Royalty 7%

Diamond Royalty 5%

325000BV to 600000BV 600001BV to 1000000BV 1000001BV to Above

  • Sponsor Income - Weekly (Each Wednesday )
  • Sale Income - Daily Bases.
  • Closing - Sponsor Bonus Monday - Saturday
  • Closing - Matching Bonus Daily Bonus
  • Sales Bonus of Sunday will be given on Monday

  • 5% TDS
  • 5% Admin
  • 10% Repurchase
  • First Withdrawal, after 35 days of Update of ID
  • But amount will be Cumulate from Date of Joining till first withdrawal.

By company of income min withdrawal 500/-
Payout of Income min withdrwal Rs.500/-.

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